A good bedtime routine for a child is a precursor to having a great night sleep. Most families believe that their bedtime routine is down pat but don’t realise that there may be aspects that may be impacting.

What time your child goes to bed needs to be consistent. Sure you can have days off here and there but ultimately you need to set their circadian rhythm to know to sleep at a certain time each night. For example only, I’ll be using a 7pm bedtime, but believe me when I tell you that a 6pm bedtime or even an 8pm bedtime (or whatever works for your family) is sufficient enough. Anyway back to what I was saying; if we have a 7pm bedtime every night, then we’d be looking at a 7am wake up. Yep you read that right, your bedtime routine starts in the morning! The reason for this is a child’s circadian rhythm is stereotypically 12 hours.

Another thing to note is when you introduce and remove light. So if we’re waking up at 7am, we’re introducing light as soon as possible to start our bubs body clock to day time meaning naturally that 12 hours later they will produce melatonin again to help them go to sleep. The only way this will happen is if you help their body clock know that night time is coming. The way that you do that is by dimming the lights/drawing the blinds from 6pm - sort of like faking a sunset if you will.

My last point is about bath time. So many will have read or heard that bath time is essential to not be time success, and while it can contribute, I’m here to tell you that you actually don’t have to give a bath every night. The only thing a bath does is elevate blood pressure so the sudden drop post this can induce a tired feeling potentially bringing the onset of sleep quicker - but again, it’s not the be all and end all. If your bubs body clock is set then they’re ready for sleep. The only thing to note is the timing of the bath - while you can bath anywhere in your routine, I’d be conscious of the light in the bathroom if you’re bathing within an hour of bedtime as the light can actually hinder melatonin production and delay the onset of sleep.

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Written by Hala Merola
Baby Sleep Consultant
Written by jasmine elnajib

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